To do so, you will need to create an authenticated Profile on the website, using a Set Profile block.

What is a profile?

Think about your experience when you browse the web from your computer : there is a lot of websites on which you don't need to login each time you visit them.

To give you the same experience in Dashblock, we introduced two blocks :

  • Set Profile to create a Profile ;

  • Restore Profile to use a Profile.

Here is how to use those blocks :

Step by step guide :

Create your Profile

Start by building an action that authenticates you on the website you want :

1/ drop an Open URL block and configure it with the website of your choice ;

2/ input your email & password using a Fill Form block ;

💡 Pro Tip : activate the submit option to validate the form automatically

3/ add a Set Profile and give a name to your profile create it.


Now that you created your profile, you are good to build your Automation :

1/ create a new Automation ;

2/ drop a Restore Profile and fill the exact same name than the one in the Set Profile ;

3/ build your dream automation 🤖

Happy automation!

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