You can collect data during your automation.

This is useful if you want to gather data from websites or need information about the automations you are running.

We use machine learning to :

  1. Make your selection resilient to websites updates ;

  2. Structure the data automatically for you.

Here is how it works :

Step by step description :

For this example, let's suppose that we want to gather the website link, title and description of each search results on Google.

Start by building your automation until the page in which you want to gather the data (in this case, use an Open URL and a Fill form to perform the search on Google)

Once you dropped a Collect data block in your automation, you will need to follow the 3 steps bellow to configure it :

1. Property name

Give a name to the first property you want to gather : let's start with "websiteLink".

2. Type of information

Choose the type of information you want to gather. As we want to collect the link associated with each particular search result, select LINK.

3. Web selection

Click on the Selection button : the website preview will maximize so you can select the data to be gathered.

To collect the websites links, you will start to click on the title of a first result, then another one and so one until the machine learning model automagically selects all the elements you want. After selecting the data you want, click on "done" to save your selection.

After completing the "websiteLink" property, you will need to click on + Add property and repeat the three steps above for the 2 other properties :







the results' titles




the results' descriptions

💡 Pro tip :

Use different Collect data blocks if you want to collect data following different modes.

For instance, you should use 2 Collect data blocks if you would like to gather the search performance information (simple elements) and the search results (repeated elements).

Happy automation !

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