Your Project is ready for production (congrats 🎉) and you want to publish it? Here is how you can do so :

Publish your Project

Click on Publish to deploy your Automation(s). This will allow you to :

  • Execute it programmatically by posting an the endpoint ;

  • Use it via our Zapier app, and integrate it with more than 3,000 web applications.

If you want to modify your Automation, simply change it in the Editor and then publish it again to update it.

Integrate your API

Once your Automation is published, you can get a code snippet to trigger it with a POST request :

  • Click on your Automation (the blue block in the playground) ;

  • Click on the Run button ;

  • Select the API tab.

Here, you can add to you clipboard code snippets to call your API in different languages (Curl, JS, Python, Go).

Happy Automation!

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