Learning by doing is the best way to go for some of us, so here is a quick tutorial that teach you the basics of Dashblock 👇

Step by step description :

1. Open URL

Drop an Open URL block, fill producthunt.com and apply it.

💡 Pro Tip : You can hit Cmd + Enter on Mac or Ctrl + Enter on Windows/Linux as a shortcut to Apply your Action.

2. Create a parameter

Create a keyword parameter in your automation (the blue block in the playground) to be able customizing your search each time you run it.

3. Fill form

Add the keyword parameter as a value and select the website search-bar.

💡 Pro Tip : Fill form blocks will empty the field content and submit the form by default. Change the values of those options to false to deactivate those.

4. Run your Automation

Click on your automation and run it.

Give a value to your parameter so we can fill it in the search-bar.

5. Collect the data

Once your automation ran, add a Collect data block, configure it and Apply it.

In the video, we gather 3 properties from the results :

  • product : the name of the returned products ;

  • productLink : the link of the respective launch for each returned product (don't forget to select the LINK type instead of CONTENT for this one) ;

  • upvotes : the upvotes gathered.

6. Specify the output

In your automation, specify the output by selecting the data generated by the Collect data block.

Congrats, you built your first automation 🎉

Happy hunting!

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