When it comes to gather search results, it's always a pain to paginate the different pages and execute the same action for every page, whatever their number.

We made it super easy thanks to our Paginate Action in the Browser Advanced App.

Here is how to use it 👇

Step by step description :

Let's start by going on the first page you want to execute your set of actions. In this example, let's Collect data on every page.

1/ Drop a Paginate block and configure it as bellow ;

2/ Select the "Next page" button on the page, so that the programmable browser learns where to click ;

3/ In the paginate block, drop a Collect data block ;

4/ Configure it ;

5/ Run your automation to get a list of all the collected data.

That's it! 🎉

Obs : indeed, no need to execute specific actions on the first or last page, collect the page number etc... we handle it for you 😃

Happy Pagination!

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