Quite commonly, we want to execute a specific set of action on different items.

Think about visiting every result of a search, execute an action for each row of a spreadsheet... This is when the For each helps!

Here is how to do so 👇

Step by step description :

In this example, we will gather details on the current top-three launches on Product Hunt.

To start, we will use an Open URL to access Product Hunt landing page, and a Collect data to get the day's launches links.

1/ Add the Logic Flow App ;

2/ Drop a For each block in your automation, after the Collect data ;

3/ Configure the block : select the Collect data's output to iterate on, and limit the iteration to three ;

4/ Build the For each subset of Actions to be executed for each item :

(a) Drop an Open URL block, and select the launch link in the For each call-back ;

(b) Add a Collect data to gather the product name, hunter and upvotes

Once you did so, you can run your Automation to automatically gather details about the top-three launches on Product Hunt 🥇

Happy Automation!

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