Sometimes, you need your automation to do different actions based on a condition.

For example, if you want to automate a website behind a login wall, you want your automation to do different actions based on the website's state :

  • user is not logged in => login on the website

  • user is logged in => execute automation

This is the kind of situation where the If block will help you! You will find the If block in the Logic Flow App.

Step by step tutorial :

In this example, we want to login on a website if we are on the login page, and collect information is we are already logged in.

1/ Start your automation with a Restore Profile to connect you automatically to the website in case your profile is still valid since your last run.

2/Drop an Open URL block and send it on the URL of your choice (e.g. Crunchbase)

3/ Add a Collect Data block to gather the content of a specific element from the login page. In this example, the "Log In" button.

4/ Add the Logic Flow App and drag an If block.

  • The If block has two sub sections : the first one let you add the actions to execute when the condition is met, and the second let you add actions to run when the condition is not met.

  • Set the condition as bellow "

5/ Build the automation if true in the first part : add a Fill form with email and password + a Set Profile block.

6/ Build the automation if false in the second part : for example, add a Collect data to get the last companies that raised funds!

Happy automation!

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